Hello, I have over 20 years of teaching Spanish experience. I have taught many age groups, from 15-70 years old. Due to low enrollment at the community college where I currently teach, I am offering Spanish lessons this summer. I
Let’s chat at CAPE-NM Christian Homeschool Convention on June 11-12! Do you have plans to be at the Christian Association of Parent Educators (CAPE-NM) Christian Homeschool Convention in Albuquerque, June 11-12? We will be attending as speakers and would love to meet you. We
Friends of the Library Book Sales https://www.friendsofthepubliclibrary.org/ Twice A Week Book Sales In place of our customary monthly book sales, come to the 2021 Twice a Week Book Sales. Twice a week! Over 25,000 items for sale at reasonable prices,
Albuquerque Home Schoolers, Making music is so important to the development of children, and joining other kids to create music only enhances that experience. The Mid-Rio Grande Home School Band is still providing classes for 10-18 year olds in Band,
A Beginner’s Guide to Low-Cost Vegetable Gardening Available for free online to people in New Mexico! Learn how to grow your own food with self-paced gardening lessons. To get started, click here: Seed to Supper Online Course Sign-Up Seed to Supper lesson topics