Spanish Tutor

Hello, I have over 20 years of teaching Spanish experience. I have taught many age groups, from 15-70 years old. Due to low enrollment at the community college where I currently teach, I am offering Spanish lessons this summer. I can help you with your conversation skills, verb conjugations, vocabulary, provide help to those who are enrolled in a Spanish class at the high school and college level, or help with anything else related to Spanish.

Lessons are $15/hr and are taught through zoom or skype. I accept paypal, venmo, and checks. You are welcome to do one lesson, several lessons, weekly lessons, or however you choose. I prefer to have at least  24 hrs notice, but may be available at shorter notice for help with homework problems and explanations of Spanish lessons. There will be sometimes that I will not be available, Monday-Wednesdays, and Fridays 1-2 are already scheduled.

Feel free to email my at