Eclipse Cereal Box Viewer

Older post, my kids and I built these back in 2017. They worked great. All you need is foil and an empty cereal box.

A Solar Eclipse is one of the most exciting celestial events we can observe. If you are lucky enough to find yourself along the path of totality, the moon will completely cover the sun allowing you to see the corona, the sun’s atmosphere. Outside of the path of totality, you can still enjoy the partial phase of the Solar Eclipse, but you need to use eye protection and/or an eclipse-viewing device for indirect viewing. The only time you can view the eclipse directly, is during the short total phase lasting at the most 2 minutes and 40 seconds, during the August 21st eclipse. NASA joins many communities and individuals in observing the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse from space and from the ground. Enjoy this rare eclipse, but always view the partial phase safely.

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