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Don’t Miss the Early Bird Homeschool Sale–Starts Tuesday the 7th, 2023!

Some of you wait until the summer to put together your homeschool materials. And that’s FINE. We DO NOT judge you. Our summer sales are perfect for you sweet, take-it-easy types.But others of you are already planning and organizing your homeschool curriculum for next year, color-coding folders and laying out spreadsheets. And our Early Bird Sale is especially for you.

From March 7th-13th, save 40% on just about everything in our store:

  • Math (including Kate Snow’s Math with Confidence and Math Facts that Stick)
  • History & Geography (including The Story of the World)
  • Grammar and Composition
  • Reading
  • Jim Weiss Audio Stories, Histories, & Biographies
  • Susan Wise Bauer’s new course “Ewe Can’t Always Get What Ewe Want: Learning Parenting Techniques by Working the Lambing Season on a Sheep Farm”*

And much more!

The Early Bird Sale starts this coming Tuesday, March 7th at welltrainedmind.com. Don’t miss it!

Well-Trained Mind Press: Early to Bed and Early to Rise Makes a Person Likely to Miss All the Juiciest Late-Night Gossip/Drama on Homeschooling Forums.

*This is not a real course. Though if you show up to lambing season with mud-boots and a “put me to work” attitude, you’ll probably end up bottle-feeding somebody at 3 AM or shoveling something in the rain, and if nothing else, you’ll learn the value of having an extra set of “farm clothes” that you never wear anywhere else.

Nitpicky language our Lawyer asked us to include: this special offer is only valid while supplies last. It cannot be combined with other special offers, promotions, coupons, or discount codes, nor can it be traded for actual worms caught by you early birds. Sale price only applies to purchases made on this website via our shopping cart, and does not apply to purchase orders. Sale ends at 12:01 AM Eastern Time on March 14, 2023. Fun fact: some vultures can defend themselves by projectile-vomiting rancid meat. We have successfully used this exact same technique to extricate ourselves from boring conversations at parties.

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