The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship

The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship will pay a portion of tuition (up to an undergraduate degree) for students who meet the eligibility criteria listed below.


Student must be a resident of New Mexico.

Student must have graduated from a public or accredited private New Mexico high school, completed requirements as a home-schooled student registered with the New Mexico Public Education Department, or received a high school equivalency credential recognized by the state of New Mexico while maintaining residency in New Mexico.

Student must enroll full-time at a public post-secondary educational institution in New Mexico within sixteen months of graduation or receipt of a high equivalency credential and maintain continuous full-time enrollment. First time enrollment within the sixteen-month period following graduation must be at a New Mexico public post-secondary educational institution. If the student enrolls full-time at ANY out of state institution or private in-state institution the student shall forfeit eligibility.

Student must enroll in and earn 15 credit hours per semester at a four-year New Mexico public university.

Student must enroll in and earn 12 credit hours per semester at a two- year New Mexico public community college.

Student must maintain a 2.5 or greater cumulative grade point average (GPA) each semester of enrollment.

Students with disabilities may qualify for reduced credit hour requirements and additional semesters of the scholarship.


A flat award based on the type of institution the student attends (Research; Comprehensive; or Community College). NMHED will notify institutions of the award for the upcoming academic year by June 1.


The initial scholarship shall begin with the second semester of enrollment at a public postsecondary educational institution. Thereafter, the scholarship is renewed on a per-semester basis subject to maintaining eligibility. Students must remain consecutively enrolled each fall and spring semester to maintain eligibility for the scholarship. The scholarship may be renewed at a four-year institution until the award recipient has received seven (7) semesters of scholarship awards or until the student graduates with a bachelor’s degree, whichever is sooner. Students attending a community college are eligible for three (3) semesters of scholarship awards. The student should contact their public post-secondary educational institution’s financial aid advisor for eligibility verification if they have met the first semester eligibility requirements listed above.

How To Apply:

Student shall contact their public post-secondary educational institution’s financial aid advisor for eligibility verification (no application needed).

When To Apply:

Student shall contact their public post-secondary educational institution for eligibility period.

Where To Apply:

Legislative Lottery Scholarship eligibility is determined by the public post-secondary educational institution. Please contact your educational institution for details.

Does a New Mexico home-schooled student qualify for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship?

Yes, to establish eligibility, New Mexico home-schooled students must have been registered with the New Mexico Public Education Department to qualify for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship.


For more FAQ about the Lottery Scholarship go to


The Lottery Scholarship covers the last 7 semesters. There is a separate scholarship called the “Bridge Scholarship” that covers the first semester of college. Type in “Bridge Scholarship” and the name of the institution you are interested in (ie UNM, UNMV, CNM..) in a search engine to find out more information.


*******Tuition Free College for New Mexicans, , I believe this combines several scholarships including the Lottery Scholarship into one large scholarship fund making it easier for New Mexicans to receive funds for tuition and fees. Signed into law on 3/8/2022 ****************

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