Through Next Monday: Save 40% on Grammar (July 12th)

Through Next Monday: Save 40% on

Grammar Resources!

We know not everyone gets as excited about grammar as we do, but it’s like the transmission in your car: you don’t think much about it when it’s working correctly, but if not properly maintained, it falls apart and suddenly your mechanic is buying a yacht.

Our grammar books give you scripted, step-by-step instruction and clear examples to help your child communicate clearly in speaking and writing. Check out First Language Lessons for elementary students, or Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind for middle- or high-schoolers. Both of these series are 40% off, through next Monday only!

Save 40% as well on our popular reference book The Diagramming Dictionary, which takes students through the steps of diagramming all the parts of speech in order to see for themselves how a good sentence works.

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Well-Trained Mind Press: Grammar Are Two Important Too Neglect.

Nitpicky language our Lawyer asked us to include: This special offer cannot be combined with other special offers, promotions, coupons, discount codes, Bitcoins, or empty glass bottles. Sale price only applies to purchases made on this website via our shopping cart, and does not apply to purchase orders. Offer good while supplies last. Sale ends at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Monday, July 12th, 2021. If your child asks how grammar will help her in “real life,” tell her that it’s very necessary for a successful apartment search. [WRONG: “I don’t have no pets, so I don’t need no pet deposit.” RIGHT: “I don’t have any pets, though I do plan to run a rodeo in the apartment on Sunday mornings; I assume that’s not a problem.”]

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website admin: Well-Trained Mind is what I have been using for my kids. We have been using WTM for over 8 years. I highly recommend her Language/Writing/Reading, series they work! Some of the larger books we took two years to go through. Remember, it’s more important to learn than to just finish books without learning. That’s the joy of homeschooling.

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