7 Simple Steps to Start Homeschooling

7 Simple Steps to Start Homeschooling


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Part 1

Stuff comes up we don’t expect. Sometimes we have to pivot on a dime. Homeschooling can work for your child. Here’s how to jump in and get going fast.

1.Connect with parents who are already homeschooling.

(Local opportunities are under the Valencia Area Groups tab, realize that some maybe canceling group activities due to the Corona virus)

2. Get to know your state’s homeschool law.

(There is a link under National and State Law tab on this website)

3. Explore your child’s learning preference, your teaching style, and your educational approach.

(HSLDA have experts who will help you to navigate with the purchase of membership, they are a wealth of information for new homeschooling families.)

4. Find your child’s curriculum.

(Again, HSLDA is a great resource as they are familiar with and have personally taught their children several of the different curriculums. I wrote about this briefly in the post “Hi, I am new” posted Feb. 4, 2019. There is also books listed and the curriculum we currently use under Links and Resources tab on this website. If your children are very young (k-3) I highly suggest websites Starfall and (k-8th) CleverDragons/Always Ice Cream as supplements to your education. You can start with free memberships or limited time free membership on most educational websites. If you decide to purchase I suggest looking on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op website https://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org/  for great deals on curriculum/educational memberships, the membership is free and you get great discounts. I have personally used The Well-Trained Mind for all my elementary needs and will continue throughout my childrens’ education, all lot of her material is now available to purchase through downloads https://welltrainedmind.com/. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with curriculum choices, and can get very expensive. Just go slow and start with trial (free) to start with to see what works with your family. The Well Trained Mind allows free downloads for many of the first chapters of her works.

Scholastic Learn At Home just announced free remote teaching during the Corona virus outbreak https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

ABC Mouse for k-early grades free membership code: Code : SCHOOL7771

chesskid.com also has free membership with great short cartoon to teach the game of chess.

5. Decide where you will homeschool & create your unique school schedule.

6. Enjoy the learning process. Plan to re-evaluate with your kids periodically and change anything that isn’t working for you.

7. Celebrate & highlight your students’ growth & achievement.

HSLDA is here to help you start homeschooling

For a $130 membership, you can: (save $20 with our membership code discount on this website)

  • speak to an attorney who can help you understand the homeschool law in your state and answer any legal questions you have.
  • use our simple attorney-designed forms to submit state-required paperwork.
  • get personalized advice from our educational consultants about curriculum, learning challenges, adjusting from a traditional classroom to learning at home, and connecting with resources.

Experienced support, practical help, and encouraging advice—HSLDA is here for you!

This organization is the most practically helpful and encouraging resource available to homeschoolers. Our family has benefited, on numerous occasions, from legal and academic advice from the kind and professional staff at HSLDA. —Jennifer G.

I absolutely love your services! HSLDA has answered all of my questions regarding homeschooling. —Nicole B.


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