Seed to Supper, now available online

A Beginner’s Guide to Low-Cost Vegetable Gardening

Available for free online to people in New Mexico! Learn how to grow your own food with self-paced gardening lessons.

To get started, click here: Seed to Supper Online Course Sign-Up

Seed to Supper lesson topics include:

  • Planning
  • Soil Prep
  • Planting
  • Garden Care
  • Harvest
  • Storage

If you have questions about Seed to Supper or the sign-up form, contact:

Sally Cassady
(575) 646-0334

I just finished this online class and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in gardening. It has a wealth of information both for the new and the experienced gardener. It is currently available online through the New Mexico State University and comes with a free pdf book about gardening for the NM area. I enjoyed that it had a lot of things that were directly related to NM. I spent over 12 hours to complete the course. This is a complete at your own pace course, you can also skip around and learn about they things you are most interested in i.e. compost. Sally is available by email and quick and helpful to help you learn.

They typically teach this course as a hands on class taught by master gardeners over a series of Saturdays. I had been looking at this class for a long time but unable to take it due to having other things scheduled on Saturdays. I am sure they will be offering hands on class again, but I wanted to let others know about the opportunity to take the class online.

Also,  if you are on Facebook check out East Valencia Urban Gardens Programs, EVUGP

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